Hi there! 
I'm Bianca and this is Fabricate, a space where I chronicle my sewing projects. 

My mom taught me the sewing basis several years ago but I didn't really become obsessed until early 2013. I had just started a new job and decided I needed a hobby too, so I signed up for a sewing class to refresh my skills. The class project was to make a skirt; once I finished that first real garment, and then discovered the amazingess that is the indie pattern world, it wasn't long before I was hooked. 

Since then, I have been building my skills with each new project, slowly making my way towards a handmade wardrobe. Along the way, I've discovered so many inspiring sewing blogs and sewers/sewists/people who sew. The more I learn, the more shopping for new clothes has become really unappealing - I can't walk into a store without looking at half the items and thinking, "Nope. I could totally make that." So, the clothing budget has become the fabric budget and now I'm that really creepy girl who will walk up to a total stranger and ask if I can feel the fabric of her dress, or stare at the construction of some rando's clothes in line at the grocery store. It's fun going places with me. 

This is a sewing blog so obviously I have a cat. This is Patches, sitting where she likes it best (in my way). ;)

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