A Couple of Lindens

I made two Grainline Studio Linden sweatshirts in two days over the holidays. Man, I love this pattern - so simple yet satisfying. I sewed both up with my serger, except for the neckband, which can still be a bit tricky for me so for that part I used my sewing machine.

I made the first one with a Hacci Sweater knit from Girl Charlee fabrics. It's a light to medium weight sweater knit and pretty stretchy, so I cut a size 2 and the fit is perfect. I found the ribbing in a small store on Queen St. - I was just so excited to find ribbing anywhere that I bought it without thinking twice about it. When I brought it home though, I realized it isn't the best quality and is pretty rough to touch - not a nice match for that soft sweater knit. Also, sewing the two fabrics together resulted in some weird bulging...probably need to play around with my serger settings there.

For the second, I used a gorgeous diamond quilted knit from Blackbird Fabrics:

I am IN LOVE with this fabric. It's so soft and smooth I just want to live in it. It has stretch but significantly less than the Hacci sweater knit, so I could have sized up to a 4 to have a roomier fit (I'm loving the oversized sweater / sweatshirt look these days but didn't think about that until after I cut this out - whoops!). Either way, the size 2 works and this sweatshirt has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. 

For the cuffs and neckband, I didn't want to use that subpar ribbing again so I used the wrong side of the diamond quilted knit. It's hard to see in the picture, but there are subtle quilting lines on the back side of the fabric...such a nice detail for the cuffs and neckband.

I'm so excited to make more Lindens; from cutting to finishing I'd say each one took a couple of hours max. Will definitely be making more of these in the near future!

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