Del Boca Vista Floral Pants

These are the kind of pants I imagine I'll be wearing often when I'm older and living in a retirement community in Florida:

But retirement is still a ways away for me, so in the meantime, I shall just sport these dreamy floral Tessuti Suzy Pants and just *feel* like a Del Boca vista resident.

This is the first (and so far, only!) pair of pants I've made. I had been dreaming of a roomy, drapey pair of pants and figured the roomier the better for a first pair (not quite ready for the fitting challenge of tight pants yet!) When I spotted this incredible floral viscose twill at Blackbird fabrics, I bought it immediately (along with a ton of other goodies). I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it right away, but every time I walked by it in my sewing room, it whispered out to me pants! pants! pants! 

I went back and forth between Tessuti's Suzy Pants and True Bias Hudsons. In the end, I opted for the Suzy pants because I liked the pleated front and would prefer to make the Hudsons in a knit before modifying the pattern for a woven (what can I say, I like to do things in a certain order!) 

So, I cut in between an XS and S and added a couple of inches to the leg length because I wanted them to bunch up a bit at the ankles. I ended up taking the legs in by 5/8" so they would be drapey but not too baggy (so in retrospect, cutting an XS would have been just fine). After seeing a few other people's flat front modification (herehere and here), I decided it really was the look I was after...I just needed to figure out how it was done.

I cut doubles of the front and back waistband pieces, and the front part went fine: I interfaced the front, and sewed the inside front waistband to the outside one, then topstitched it down. 

The issue was with the back. I haven't worked with elastic enough to really know what I was doing, so I was sort of making it up as I went along. After some trial and error, here's what I ended up doing: I cut a piece of 2" wide elastic that measured a little less than the width of my back, and sewed it in at each side seam. I then zigzag stitched the elastic to the back waistband, stretching it to fit the length of the back waistband piece. Finally, I sewed the second back waistband piece to the first one, turned it to the inside and made a makeshift casing for the elastic I'd just sewn in (so the elastic doesn't rub against my skin when I'm wearing these). It worked enough but looks like a total disaster on the inside and back waistband. If anyone has any tips on how they made their flat-front modification - specifically the back waistband part - I'd love to hear it! 

Despite all that, I still love these and can't wait til the weather gets warmer so I can wear them! 

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