Painted Floral Sallie Maxi

This is my Closet Case Files Sallie Maxi Dress . It's my first CCF pattern (I have the Nettie bodysuit but haven't gotten around to making it yet), and I loooove it! 

This is a PDF pattern, and thankfully it's available in copyshop format (I avoid taping together PDF patterns whenever possible). I loved the look and layout of the PDF instructions...easy to read on my iPad as I sewed, and I liked that there was an extra colour to indicate right side of the fabric in the diagrams (I find that pattern designers are always switching it on me in the black & white diagrams - is grey right side or wrong side?? Gah!) Anyway, thumbs up for great instructions and diagrams. 

The fabric is a lightweight viscose knit from Blackbird fabrics and it has a pretty, "painted" floral motif. None of the skills involved in making this dress were new to me, but it's always a good challenge applying those skills to a stretchy knit fabric. The instructions call for the use of clear elastic to stabilize pockets and necklines; I used this tutorial from Colette to make sure I knew what I was doing before those steps. The pattern also calls for understitching to ensure the lining and pockets don't peek out - a necessary step!

(Sorry the dress is so wrinkly in the photos - I took them at the cottage and I always over-pack, so I guess this dress was a little cramped in my bag). Construction was pretty straightforward; the only issues I had were my own silly mistakes: I forgot to leave a hole in the casing to insert the elastic so had to unpick some serger stitches. I also somehow didn't make the casing wide enough for my I ended up inserting the clear elastic into the waistband casing as it was the thinnest elastic I had. I've worn it a few times already and it seems to be holding up...hopefully the clear elastic is sturdy enough to hold up over time.

I'm really happy with the fabric + pattern combination here...the floaty, painted look of the fabric really suits the long, flowing skirt. The side slits make it nice and easy to move around in and when it's breezy, the wind catches the skirt and makes it look like you're floating, which is all kinds of amazing. 

Project Details: 
Pattern: Sallie Maxi Dress from Closet Case Files
Size: 6, graded to an 8 at the hips
Fabric: Painted Floral Viscose Knit from Blackbird Fabrics (95% Rayon/Viscose, 5% Spandex; lightweight)