Floral Sewaholic Oakridge Blouse

This is my Sewaholic Oakridge Blouse in a gorgeous floral poly crepe from Blackbird Fabrics. Caroline from Blackbird has such a great eye for fabric, and this one's no exception. It is such a cute print and has beautiful drape, feel and weight - I love it. I initially thought this fabric would be a dress (I was thinking the BHL Flora), but eventually decided the small-scale print would be better for a smaller garment, like a blouse. In the end I'm really happy with this fabric-pattern combo. 

Oakridge 1

So, I made this blouse back in October and have been wearing it steadily since then - I just haven't had time to blog it 'til now. I usually wear it either tucked into a pencil skirt or untucked with jeans, to showcase the curved hem detail. Do I look cold in these photos? I was cold. It's February in Toronto and it was about 2 degrees Celsius, but that was unseasonably mild compared to the typical -20, so I quickly snapped some pics at my local brick wall with my Instagram husband

Oakridge 2

Construction-wise, this was really fun to make because it has a couple of techniques that were new to me: the continuous bound sleeve plackets and the bias bow collar. Tasia's instructions were great, and she posted a tutorial on the plackets here, which I referred to a lot. I don't think I completely nailed the collar - it doesn't always lay flat on the neck, so that's something I'll have to pay more attention to next time. 

Oakridge 5

I love the silhouette of this top, how it goes in at the waist and out at the hips. I cut a size 6 and the only modification I made was to shorten the sleeves (by 1.5") as I'd read they run long. That said, I forgot that I don't mind a long sleeve (it's way better than a too-short sleeve) and I don't think I needed to shorten this one quite so much. Next time I'll only take 1" off. Also, this top feels a bit snug on my upper back and shoulders...like, if I bend over to tie up my boots or something, I feel like I might rip it! I'm not sure how I'd go about adjusting the pattern for that so if anyone knows, please let me know!

Oakridge 3

I have a vintage button stash but never seem to have enough of the same button for a full blouse (and I never think of this before I get to the actual button-sewing stage). But, I did have an old J Crew chambray shirt that was ripped beyond repair (incidentally, it was a shoulder/back rip from bending over to tie my boots! Gah, I totally hulked out of that thing! What can I say, I've been working out a lot!) Anyway, I'd kept it in my closet as a reminder to go buy that exact same shirt again because I love it, and luckily I still had it because hello, 7 perfectly matching buttons! I actually flipped the buttons over and sewed them in with the wrong side up - they have a cute little pink and green detail on the back and I liked how it worked with the print on the blouse. 

Oakridge 4

I'd like to make this again...I think I'll stick with a similar fabric, but might do a contrasting bow and collar next time. 

Well, 'til next time...!