Inari Tee Dress in Stripey Linen

I finally jumped on the Named Inari Tee Dress bandwagon after seeing too many gorgeous versions online. I made this back in November...I was up to my eyeballs in quilting and needed a quick make for my upcoming vacation to Australia. 

Inari Tee 1

I bought the PDF version of the pattern (something I usually avoid, but don't mind doing if there are only a few pattern pieces). It was very quick and easy to tape together. 

Inari Tee 2

Construction-wise, I cut a size 6 (38). When I first tried it on, I wasn't sure if the cocoon shape was right for me (it felt a bit like a potato sack, to be honest). So I brought in the side seams a lot...about 1.5-2 inches, and made the cocoon factor a bit more subtle...and I felt the fit was more me. That said, the cocoon shape is kind of the whole point of this pattern, so I will try to stay closer to the original shape next time. I also had to re-attach the sleeves a couple of times - the fabric kept puckering and I couldn't get the smooth set-in-sleeve I wanted (I was probably rushing through that part!) 

Inari Tee 3

The fabric is a vertical striped linen from Blackbird fabrics. It's, errr, not as opaque as I thought so this might end up being a beach cover-up or I might have to wear it with a slip. :o

Inari Tee 4

We travelled light for this 3-week trip: one carry-on suitcase and one shoulder bag / backpack each. Linen isn't the most travel-friendly fabric because it wrinkles so easily, but it's so lightweight and breathable so I figured that was a good trade-off to make. It was super comfortable for the hot Australian weather! 

Inari Tee 5

For a simple pattern, the Inari Tee Dress has some cute details like the side slit, uneven hem, and the sleeve cuffs. I think next time I'll try it in a structured woven with a bit of stretch...and will try to stick to the full cocoon shape it's intended to be.