Striped Mission Maxi

The Mission Maxi pattern by Jamie Christina has been on my to-buy list forever. This type of tank top-maxi dress the kind of dress I love wearing in the summer but refuse to buy RTW because it's so easy to make. I could probably have drafted it without the pattern using a racerback tank top as a guide, but I like supporting indie pattern designers, and there are a couple of other versions in this pattern that I'd like to try sometime too. 

This is View A and it's a very quick make; I think I cut a size 8. The most annoying part - of any stretch maxi dress, really - is the cutting. Cutting long lengths of jersey is annoying because the fabric just doesn't want to stay put. I did a pretty choppy job with the long binding strips so decided to trim them with my rotary cutter. I then reviewed the instructions and decided I wanted to finish one edge of the binding with my serger, which cut a little more off, and made my binding strips narrower than they should have been. This came back to bite me when attaching the binding - it wasn't wide enough to catch the stitching on certain sections. Also, because this fabric has variegated stripes, the stripes would have been placed vertically along the neckline, which would have looked weird and off-kilter. So I ended up folding the binding strip completely to the wrong side, and running a second row of stitches to hold it down. 

The only other modifications I made were to shorten the straps by about 2 inches, and I didn't bother hemming the dress (I didn't want to lose any more length, and I've really come to like the raw edge of knit fabrics). 

The fabric is a lightweight cotton, jersey, and rayon blend from Girl Charlee. It's called Isabel Stripe Fantasy Chocolate and it's on sale now for $2.85 a yard! It's really lightweight, which is great for this hot summer we've been having. It also has a subtle sheen to it...and I love the colours! Oh and the 40% stretch was key, since I didn't modify the pattern at all for my 30-week belly.