Floral Morris Blazer

Ahh! This is one of my favourite makes everrrr! I have been dreaming of a floral blazer for ages and am so happy with how this one turned out! This is the Grainline Morris Blazer (previously made here) in a floral stretch cotton twill from Blackbird Fabrics. I bought the fabric a long time ago and when the Morris came out I paired the two in my mind and added them to my long list of projects. 

Being a twill means the cotton is woven in a diagonal pattern - like denim. I think it gives the fabric a more casual feel, maybe because of the association with denim. The fabric isn't too heavy and has a nice amount of stretch and structure, which makes it perfect for this pattern. 

Construction-wise, this was very straightforward. I didn't make a single modification and found the fabric really easy to work with. I didn't think to cut the back piece on the fold until afterwards, but the seam is barely noticeable and doesn't bother me at all. I think I've mentioned this before but I'm always surprised with how quickly this blazer comes together. Cutting was easy because I had all the pattern pieces traced onto Swedish Tracing paper in my size (between a 6 and 8). This also made it easier to be really efficient with my cutting so I have some more of this fabric left - maybe for a structured skirt or shorts next summer. I serged all the visible seams...one of these days, I'll try Hong Kong seams, but I couldn't wait to finish and wear this one so I didn't go that route this time. 

I usually pair this with a dress (aside: I actually made a Colette Wren dress in a blue bamboo jersey that I'd hoped to wear with this blazer, but it was a bit of a fail and now my belly has outgrown it...maybe I'll post about that later...it's helpful to reflect on the fails as well as the wins, right?) So for now I wear it with a RTW black dress or with light coloured jeans and a white t-shirt and it literally brightens up my day, every single time. :)